How to choose the right combi oven for your commercial kitchen

In the dynamic realm of commercial kitchens, the quest for reliable and efficient cooking equipment is constant. We are always on the hunt for that one appliance that checks the boxes. One standout solution making waves in the industry is the Eloma Combi Oven.

Celebrated for its versatility and precision, this cutting-edge appliance has become a fixture in commercial kitchens. In this guide, we will explore the intricacies of Eloma Combi Ovens, shedding light on the different models’ features, advantages, and operational nuances, empowering chefs and kitchen teams to maximise the potential of this gem and gain an insight into what makes each model unique.

About Eloma

Eloma, founded back in 1975, is a balanced blend of traditional and modern – from the development of the first Combi Oven to the development of its newer models with advanced technical features. Designed and manufactured in Germany, with high quality engineering and craftsmanship, these units are designed to be robust, feature packed and energy efficient to boost efficiency in production and reduce running costs in a commercial kitchen.


What is a combi oven?

A Combi Oven is a commercial steaming oven that seamlessly integrates three cooking functions into a single unit, offering unparalleled cooking capacity with endless options.

Eloma ovens have the ability to cook with convection, steam, and a blend of both. The blend of functions empowers chefs to roast, bake, steam, slow cook and oven fry making menu options limitless and the combi oven the obvious choice for versatility. Before delving into the specifics, let’s unravel some fundamental aspects of Eloma Combi Ovens.

How are they better than their woodfire and gas oven counterparts?


Size and Capacity

Eloma Combi Ovens offer a diverse range of sizes to cater to various kitchen sizes and requirements, spanning from small cafes to large food manufacturing sites. These ovens are available starting from a small six Gastronorm tray capacity; suitable for smaller restaurants and cafes, and range up to forty Gastronorm trays, ideal for larger operations such as bustling restaurants, hotels or food manufacturing sites. The ovens can be stacked and customised to suit almost any kitchen configuration.

Consider factors such as space, volume, and available power when selecting the size most suitable for your kitchen. The Skanos specialist team is on hand to answer any questions you may have and provide professional assistance with selecting the right unit.


User-Friendly Interface:

There’s a significant commonality across Eloma models being their focus on user-friendliness and automation, created to simplify the cooking process for chefs and all kitchen staff alike. The programmable recipe interface allows for precise control over cooking parameters, ensuring consistent results and reducing the likelihood of errors. This emphasis on usability can be particularly beneficial in busy commercial kitchens where efficiency, volume and consistency are paramount.


Precision Cooking

The combination of convection and steam cooking allows for meticulous control over temperature and humidity to achieve precise results and uniformity in every batch. The ability to seamlessly switch between cooking modes gives you complete freedom over the creativity of your menu.

The combination of cooking techniques ensures minimal shrinkage and preserves the flavour and nutrient density of each ingredient in every dish.


AutoClean Pro

Eloma Combi Ovens boast a built-in cleaning system, known as AutoClean Pro. AutoClean Pro removes the manual labour from basic cleaning, removes the guesswork from building a maintenance schedule and is programmable to complete heavy duty cleaning outside of business hours.

Scheduling regular cleaning cycles ensures peak performance of the oven and maintenance of hygiene standards.


Multi EcoSystem

Eloma’s innovative design places a strong emphasis on energy efficiency, translating to reduced operational costs and lowering of our carbon footprint.

This is all thanks to Eloma’s Multi Eco System where a heat exchanger reduces energy usage by recycling the steam and heat inside the oven and pre-heats the water to continue producing steam.

It has been estimated that running one Eloma oven equipped with the Multi Eco system can save up to $3000 per year in electricity running costs. This is based off 8 hours daily use, 6 days per week.



The programmable settings to store and replicate recipes effortlessly are just one of the many standout features of Eloma ovens. Each model gives a different level of program functionality with the power to control parameters such as temperature, humidity, and cooking time for consistent and precise results with every batch. There is an option to replicate the last cook cycle to remove any guesswork and minimise confusion.


Ease of Maintenance

Adherence to Eloma’s guidelines for cleaning and maintenance will ensure the longevity of your Combi Oven for many years to come.

These guidelines are as simple as implementing routine checks to ensure the unit is performing at peak capacity and conducting regular cleaning cycles with AutoClean Pro. The Skanos service team is available to provide technical assistance and service support for the lifetime of your oven.


The Eloma range

Now that we’ve covered some features of Eloma Combi ovens, let’s take a look into each model and what it is that makes them unique.


Eloma’s MultiMax range is for the chef who likes to get straight to the point and doesn’t need the bells and whistles of modern technology. If your cooking style is direct and you like to get the job done without hassle, then MultiMax is for you.

Designed with user-simplicity in mind in its basic touch control interface, the MultiMax is the uncomplicated vessel for your menu to come to life, without the extras.

The MultiMax is available from the smallest size of six Gastronorm trays, all the way up to a large forty tray volume.

MultiMax ovens feature a 5 inch touchscreen control interface with recipe and step programming for up to 99 recipes, are variable in heat settings from 30-300 degrees, includes HACCP data logging functionality, boasts the automated AutoClean Pro system and is fully customisable, to suit your needs.



If you’re the chef who appreciates modern technology and all its advancements, along with the reliability of the MultiMax, then the Genius range may be the right choice for your kitchen. With a more interactive touch and swipe screen interface the Eloma is a smart appliance.

Available from six to forty gastronorm trays, the Genius offers all the features of the MultiMax but is bursting with even more. There are nine cooking mode combinations, programmability for up to four hundred recipes per each user, user customised display and adaptive interface,a password manager system to save each individual user’s settings and automatic cleaning and maintenance program reminders to ensure the oven continues performing at its peak. AutoClean Pro is inbuilt to reduce the need for heavy duty scrubbing and maintain hygiene.



For the chef with little space and big ideas comes the Joker. While small in size, don’t be fooled, the Joker doesn’t compromise on big features. The Joker is completely customisable to suit the needs of any commercial kitchen no matter the size, making it ideal for small cafes and food trucks. The Joker can be customised to include AutoClean pro, can include a self -contained water tank making the unit suitable for any kitchen where fixed water supply is not available and a variety of unique control features to suit your needs. The Joker can be stacked to suit any configuration.


Getting the combi oven that’s right for you

We’ve covered the basics on the features of each of the Eloma models but there’s still plenty more to learn. Whether you want to know more about a specific model’s specifications, the generous two year warranty period or the service and support Skanos can offer for your Eloma oven, the Skanos team is here to help.

Reach out today to learn more.

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