Why Electric Pizza Ovens are giving Woodfire and Gas Pizza Ovens a run for their money.

Pizza is one of the most popular foods in the world, and the perfect pizza requires not only the right dough consistency plus the ideal balance of flavoursome toppings…. but it must also be cooked in the perfect oven. That said, there are many types of pizza ovens, each with particular advantages and disadvantages.


Woodfire and gas pizza ovens have traditionally been the go-to choices for pizzerias and restaurants and have always produced great pizza results. However, electric ovens are now giving them a run for their money and becoming a popular choice among pizza makers.

While the evolution of electric pizza ovens is relatively new by comparison with woodfire and gas, many pizza enthusiasts are now switching to this modern alternative and enjoying the benefits. So why are electric pizza ovens better than the traditional options? Well, in this blog post, we’ll explore how they work and what makes them the superior pizza oven choice.


What is an electric deck pizza oven and how does it work?

An electric pizza oven uses electric heating elements to warm a deck or stone surface. The heat then radiates from the deck to cook the pizza, creating an evenly cooked crust and perfectly melted toppings. They’ve proven to be consistent in holding their temperature and have a very fast preheat time, so busy establishments can get cooking pizzas quickly.

Available in various sizes and configurations, including single and double-deck models, electric pizza ovens are becoming more widely used in commercial settings such as pizzerias, restaurants, and cafes.

How are they better than their woodfire and gas oven counterparts?

Electric pizza ovens have many advantages over woodfire and gas pizza ovens, making them an excellent choice for busy pizzerias and restaurants. When making a comparison of pizza ovens and their features, it’s easy to see why electric pizza ovens come out on top


They Offer Consistent Temperature

One of the most significant advantages of electric pizza ovens is their ability to maintain a consistent temperature. Unlike woodfire ovens requiring constant monitoring and adjustment, electric ovens can be set to a specific temperature and left to do their job. This allows for more precise control over the cooking process, resulting in consistently perfect pizzas every time.


They're Energy Efficient

Unlike woodfired and gas ovens, electric pizza ovens are much more energy efficient, using electricity directly to heat up the cooking chamber rather than relying on burning fuel sources. This, as well as their capacity to hold a consistent temperature, means that pizzerias can save money from reduced energy costs while still producing top-quality pizza. Electric pizza ovens don’t require as much ventilation to expel smoke either, making them an ideal choice for restaurants with limited space.


Easier to Use and Maintain

Electric pizza ovens are much easier to use and maintain than both woodfire and gas ovens. They don’t require the same level of attention and upkeep as gas or wood fired ovens, which can be challenging to light and clean, and nor do they produce smoke and ash like wood fired ovens, making them more hygienic to use.

With simple controls, easy-to-clean surfaces, and minimal maintenance requirements, electric pizza ovens are a superior choice for pizzerias and restaurants looking for a hassle-free way to cook consistently delicious pizzas.


They're Much More Versatile

Electric pizza ovens offer more versatility than woodfire and gas ovens. They can be used for cooking a wider variety of foods, not just pizza. This makes them an excellent choice for restaurants and cafes that want to offer a diverse menu and use the oven for other purposes.

See just how versatile these ovens are in our article on what you can cook in a PizzaMaster.


A Safer Option

Finally, electric pizza ovens are safer than woodfire and gas ovens. There’s no risk of fire or explosion with an electric oven, making them a much safer option for commercial kitchens.

It should now be clear why electric deck pizza ovens have the upper hand over their traditional gas and woodfire counterparts, making them the ideal option for busy pizzerias and restaurants.

With efficient energy use, consistent temperatures, easy maintenance, and greater versatility, electric pizza ovens should be an option explored by anyone wanting to serve delicious, perfectly cooked pizzas every time.


Sourcing Your Electric Deck Pizza Oven

Skanos is the national importer of PizzaMaster Electric Deck ovens, a well-known brand in the market for its robust design and consistently exceptional results for pizzerias and restaurants. Manufactured in Denmark, these ovens are renowned for their durability, efficiency, and advanced technology.


Each model in the PizzaMaster range features a unique design with a low dome that maximises the internal space, allowing for the baking of large pizzas or multiple smaller ones simultaneously. The oven’s interior, made from high-grade stainless steel, is easy to clean and maintain. Inside each oven is a unique baking stone deck that provides even heat distribution, ensuring crispy crusts and perfectly cooked toppings.

A further standout feature of PizzaMaster ovens is their advanced technology, including an intuitive touchscreen control panel and a built-in temperature probe that ensures consistent cooking temperatures. The result? Perfect pizzas every time!


An industry leader, PizzaMaster has the world’s most extensive Electric Deck oven range in the world with 85 models and over 1,000,000 combinations, from compact countertop models to larger, freestanding units that can handle high-volume production.

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