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PizzaMaster Electric Deck Pizza Ovens

The Best Pizza Equipment
and Appliances

For the Profitable Pizza Place

For the Profitable Pizza Place

For the Profitable Pizza Place

Fine artisan baking, ultra energy efficiency, speed, productivity and food safety.

Fine artisan baking, ultra energy efficiency, speed, productivity and food safety.

Fine artisan baking, ultra energy efficiency, speed, productivity and food safety.

Gram commercial refigeration
Pizza Ovens
Pizza Warmers
Plating Trolley

PizzaMaster Pizza Ovens

The perfect pizza in under three minutes? Yes please.

Ideal for all kinds of old-world baking. Pizzas, breads, pastries, even roasting and grilling. High temperature cooking for authentic flavour and maximum output during service periods.

Get to Know Your PizzaMaster

Seamless Scandanavian Design, Local Australian Support and Service
  • 2
    • Cook perfect pizzas and pastries in under 3 minutes
    • Natural baked clay hearthstone with crisping function
    • Versatile baking, grilling, roasting and toasting
  • 4
    • Keep an eye on your work of art through glass doors
    • Units are stackable as demand grows
    • Hygienic, easy to clean seamless design
  • 1
    • Effective insulation, low energy consumption (appx 20c p/hr p/deck)
    • High temperature up to 500°C for old-world baking
    • Stepless top and bottom heat controls
    • Uniform heat distribution for an even cook
  • 3
    • 80 different models, over 1,000 possible combinations
    • Countertop models, modular decks on castors,
    • Or we work with designers to custom build and install
  • 5
    • Digital display and turbo start function
    • Exceptional heat recovery
    • Automatic timer with alarm
  • 7
    • One piece welded high grade stainless steel bowl
    • No manufacturing joins inside the bell
    • No stirrer joins in the food area
    • Hygienic, easy to maintain, engineered to last
  • 6
    • Choose from a silver,
    • gold or black stainless steel finish

Introducing The World’s Largest Range

with 80 different sizes and over 1,000 possible combinations
of commercial pizza ovens

Countertop Pizza Ovens

300, 400 and 500 series
(33 different sizes)


Modular Pizza Ovens

700, 800 and 900 series
(50 different sizes)

Some of our Pizza People

Our PizzaMaster pizza oven has become the most important piece of equipment in our kitchen. We literally went from feeling COVID pain to making a healthy gain in two weeks. Our customers love the flavour it delivers and the speed of service. Productivity has skyrocketed, yet operating costs have not. Highly recommend PizzaMaster for any kitchen.
— Carl Middleton

Gram Energy Efficient Refrigeration

Reduce food wastage, save power, and love the environment

HACCP certified for optimal food safety

Ozone-loving natural Hydrocarbon refrigerants

High performance for the busy high-output pizzeria

Contactless foot pedal door opener and self-closing door

Gram is the superior choice in 2020 and beyond

Get to Know Your Gram

Refrigeration that pays for itself within three years? Yes please.
  • 6
    • Automatic defrost with evaporative system for defrosted water
  • 5
    • Digital temperature control and display with temperature alarms and emergency programs
    • Refrigerator, freezer and meat refrigerator models
  • 1
    • Unique air distribution system for uniform cooling top to bottom
    • 100% natural hydrocarbon refrigerants
    • Whisper quiet and cool running
  • 4
    • Hygienic seamless surfaces for easy cleaning
  • 3
    • Solid self-closing door
    • Right or left-hand hinged
    • Glass and solid door models with white, stainless steel or vario silver finish
  • 7
    • Constructed with high grade recycled or recyclable materials
  • 2
    • Contactless foot pedal door opener
  • 8
    • Ultra energy efficient
    • Reduced operating costs
    • HACCP Certified for optimal food safety and hygiene

Over 300 Pizza-Perfect Models

Fridges, freezers, meat refrigerators, blast chillers and quick chill solutions for the bustling pizzeria
Compact & Superior
Class A Ultra Energy efficiency
2 Door & Display
Class A Ultra Energy efficiency
Compact & Superior
Class A Ultra Energy efficiency
Blasts & Process
Class A Ultra Energy efficiency

Pizza2Go Commercial Pizza Warmers – NEW LINE!

Meet the most effective and economical pizza holding solution

Developed by Skanos, specifically for busy pizzerias, restaurants, pubs and takeaways

Regular 10 Amp power for easy electrical access

Fan heater and heating element, maintaining pizza holding temperatures

Sturdy shelves and shelf runners

Suitable for holding packaged goods

Digital Controller, for optimal temperature control

Easy access on/off switch

Skanos Custom Design manufactured in Malaysia

2 year commercial warranty

The Pizza2Go Range

Benchtop Pizza Warmer
It looks tidy and does a lot
Hold up to 10 x 15inch boxes
Single Door
For the small footprint venue
Hold up to 28 x 15inch boxes
Double Door
Food food quality and safety
Hold up to 56 x 15inch boxes


The most efficient and effective pizza holding solution
Hold your beautifully cooked pizzas at the perfect temperature and preserve that ‘just cooked’ quality

Food Safety at It’s Finest

Maintain exact temperature, moisture, appearance and flavour

Won’t dry out or overcook your product over extended holding times

No costly ventilation or installation required

Suitable for holding packaged goods

Quiet running and reduced energy consumption

Versatile, easy to operate, clean and maintain

Available as a pass through or with a solid back panel

Fluid shelf technology delivers heat in constant motion throughout the shelves. Precise temperatures are maintained despite frequent door openings, and minimal heat or moisture escapes.

The Thermodyne Range

20+ models to choose from for a range of slow cook and holding applications
20-38 x Pizzas
20-38 x Pizzas
40-80 x Pizzas

StackMaster Plate Stacking Trolley

Your friend in productive pizza preparation and storage
Safely hold up to 70 pizza bases of any size

Unique Australian Design

Fully adjustable 70 plate, bowl or pizza tray capacity

Maximum use of space

80mm clearance between shelves

Multiple units nest inside each other for reduced storage footprint

Glide in and out of any space with ease

Robust stainless steel Z-frame

Lockable castors