Eloma Combi Steam Ovens

Efficient. Robust. Reliable.

The combi oven built to endure

Built by kitchen professionals, for kitchen professionals, the Eloma range of combi ovens do what you need them to do, how you need them to, time and time again.

From cooking and baking, through to cleaning cycles, every element has been crafted to work with your team, precisely and efficiently.

Whether you run a restaurant, an aged care facility or are catering for stadiums, Eloma’s range has the ideal solution for every commercial kitchen that will feel purpose built for your requirements.

Guaranteed Reliability

How confident are we that these are the most reliable combi ovens you’ll ever use?

Eloma ovens supplied by Skanos are backed by our local 3 year parts and labour warranty.


User-Friendly Interface




Precision Cooking


Automated Cleaning

Innovative<br />
Energy Savings

Innovative Energy Savings

The Eloma Combi Oven Range

Eloma MultiMax

  • Uncomplicated, but excellent. Designed for professionals who want only the essentials
  • Size options from 6 to 40 gastronorm trays
  • Programming for 99 recipes
  • Includes AutoClean® Pro

Eloma Genius

  • Advanced and reliable for the chef who appreciates technology
  • Size options from 6 to 40 gastronorm trays
  • Programming for up to 400 recipes
  • Includes AutoClean® Pro

Eloma Joker

  • Ideal for making big ideas come to life in small spaces
  • Can run from self-contained water tank where plumbing not available
  • Holds 6 gastronorm trays
  • In-built hand shower or AutoClean® Pro add on

Eloma: A passion for catering excellence

In the best commercial kitchens, compromise is not an option. You want speed and precision, efficiency and quality, innovation and reliability. Perfecting this takes an unyielding commitment to excellence, great chefs and their teams do, some manufacturers do too.

Eloma is one such manufacturer, founded in 1975, Eloma thrive on the passion to make the equipment that helps elevate your kitchen to the next level. Their range of combi steam ovens are testament to this, which is why they’re used in some of the world’s best kitchens.

For reliability, precision and efficiency, why compromise, when you can choose Eloma?

Get the right combination for your kitchen

To find the ideal combi oven or ovens for your kitchen, contact our product specialists at Skanos. We’ll provide you with tailored options for your requirements and ongoing support to get the very best from your new oven.

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