Best Ever Slow Cooked Roast Beef For Commercial Kitchens

Best Slow Cooked Roast Beef By Carl

Our very own in-house executive chef Carl Middleton regularly tests our products with a variety of dishes. We analyse their performance for the real-life busy commercial kitchen environment.

Experimenting with our Thermodyne slow cook and hold food warmer TH200CT model, Carl produced the best roast your customers will ever have.

Full of flavour, amazingly tender, and it was this easy…

The recipe:



Season meat well, seal in hot pan until golden


Place in Thermodyne set to 60°C


Walk away and forget about it as it slow cooks for 18hrs


Return and hold at perfect temperature in the Thermodyne as you prepare accompaniments


Serve with garden vegetables and herb butter


Serve with garden vegetables and herb butter


Graciously accept praise from your hungry audience


A word from chef:

“In the small 200CT model I used, you could easily slow cook enough beef for 40 portions at a precise temperature over 18hrs, and then hold it at the optimal temp.

Thermodyne come in a large range of sizes, and each would achieve the same result, every time. The largest model would serve over 800 portions of this dish.

Simple, easy to use temperature controls, and no complicated programming.   

Food can be held at the exact temperature at the completion of cooking, for your desired period without diminishing in quality. It maintains its integrity, flavour and appearance, and remains tender and juicy. It’s quite amazing.

You can literally prepare within minutes and start cooking for a Sunday Roast service on the Saturday evening before. Your product will be perfectly cooked and ready for the Sunday roast. You can then hold the roast perfectly for the duration of service, with the first portion served equalling the quality of the last.”


Thanks Carl. Needless to say, we eat well at the Skanos HQ.

Carl decided to chill the remaining roast beef, and created this mouth-watering Thai Beef Salad the next day.

Thermodyne’s fluid shelf technology allows you to cook at the exact temperature required over long periods to give you the most amazing results.

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